Our motto is “Build it once; build it right.” We are constantly called in to “fix” other contractors’ quick-and-dirty jobs. You will never have this problem with us: with the right design, materials and dedication to excellence, a job by AMC is a job done on time, on budget, and built to last.

We are also on the cutting edge of Green construction. We feel every house should be able to breathe and function in an environmentally friendly capacity. This is why we not only design and build, but also integrate solar energy solutions and insulation.

When you come to AMC you can expect to deal with top class licensed PV1 professionals, graduate architects and licensed home improvement contractors. We will listen to your ideas and help formulate them into blueprints and rough outlines.

Then, we will then walk you through the complicated process of finding materials. That’s not always the most expensive supplies. From tile and countertops to the decking screws, we’ll present you with options and explain our recommendations.

Most customers complain about being left in the dark once the construction process starts. We make sure to inform you of progress, and if your vision changes during the job, we can change, too.