Energy-Efficient Building

We can retrofit and upgrade any building to operate more efficiently to lower your electric bill and carbon footprint. Some of our services include: insulation, solar electric and solar thermal (heating) systems. We also specialize in zero-energy housing and green building materials.


Solar Fans are an inexpensive and highly efficient way to pull hot air out of your house, helping you save on electricity and air conditioning costs.

Solar Electric

Installing solar electric panels is not as expensive as you think. Plus you can get fantastic tax credits from the government. We can help complement your current source of energy with solar paneling, which cuts down on energy expenditure.

Solar Thermal

Living in New England it is very important to have a reliable energy-efficient source of heating. Solar heating provides a good clean source of energy that can heat primary sources of hot water like showers, dishwashers and washing machines.

A full installation of four high-tech solar panels that run the house’s heating in winter.


Depending on the circumstances of the house we use spray foam insulation or fiberglass. Insulation is perhaps the single biggest thing you can do to keep the home at the temperature you desire and mitigate your energy bill.

We insulated the carport with spray foam to prevent cold air from entering the living space above.

To save the customer money, we used fiberglass insulation in the walls and spray foam for the roof.